The Betty House, built as a home by William and Betty Yeaton when they settled here in the early 1800s, was later converted to a tool shed which is now filled with glass, china, tin, wood, iron, and many items commonly found in homes of the past. The Carriage House is now fill of picture frames, books, and other miscellaneous items. The Cider House, where barrels of cider were once produced, now houses a large collection of trunks, as well as furniture in need of repair or refinishing. The large barn, once a shelter for farm animals, now has furniture, loads of chairs, and a room filled with tools (a spot that has long been a favorite of collectors and decorators who continue to use the tools of early craftsmen).

Wood, tin, iron etc.
Tools for the Woodworker, the Collector, and the Decorator.
Owner: Charles B. Yeaton
105 North Road
Epsom, NH 03234
Open by chance or appointment
(603) 736-9087

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